Daycare Business

A rent-free daycare center project. Daycare Business

In Booyoung Sarangeuro Daycare center, you can trust us to ensure your children's safety and education.
Our daycare centers are located in Booyoung's Sarangeuro apartments, and are always supported by Booyoung Group.

Purpose of Establishment


Booyoung Sarangeuro Daycare Center's philosophy is transparency and fairness.
You can trust your children to be safe in our daycare centers.

Our daycare support team carefully chooses daycare directors
who have strong work ethics and responsibilities.
We support these directors to help them build high-quality daycare centers

Booyoung Sarangeuro Daycare Center's Benefits

1 No rental fees
2 Budget support for opening the daycare center
3 Daycare support team provides visiting classes to daycare teachers (twice a year)
4 Daycare Consulting
5 Discounts on high-quality organic meals (Pulmuone, Maeil organic milk), and teaching material.

Booyoung Sarangeuro Daycare Center's Benefits for Parents

1 Parents' costs are reduced.
2 If multiple children are admitted to our daycare center (3 or more), admission fee will be fully funded.
3 Lee Kisook consultant (honorary professor of Ewha Women's University) will visit for parenting classes (once a year)

Operating Conditions

Rental fees Chosen daycare director will be exempt from paying rental fees
Restoration balance - over 150С: 15,000,000 KRW / under 150С: 10,000,000 KRW
Equipment cost Equipment costs will be handled by the chosen daycare director - Interior, teaching material, other equipment.
Daycare center's name 'The name must be '(Apartment name) Booyoung Sarangeuro Daycare Center' (ex: Jeju Samhwa 7th Booyoung Sarangeuro Daycare Center)
Period of Contract 3 years
After the contract period is over, reevaluations can be made to continue the contract
(However, the period will end on the time of transfer even during the contract period)
Operational finance Daycare fee, Basic daycare fee, 'Noori' policy support fee, etc.
Status sharing Details on city/gun/gu's monthly finance reports must be shared with the daycare support team
(If breach of contract is discovered, the director's contract will be revoked)
Operational methods After being selected as director, rent contracts and daily operations must be handled by the selected director. Changing business' name, transferring the right of lease, making warranty contracts, and succession of position are strictly prohibited.
Revocation of contract If incidents related to bribes, administrative measures, child abuse, or subsidy redemptions occur, the contract, and the director's rights will be revoked.

Current Status of Booyoung Sarangeuro Daycare Centers

Contract status Opened 53 new daycare centers, 13 existing daycare centers, Contracted with total of 66 daycare centers