Social Contribution

Booyoung Group operates numerous social contribution
projects to lead the trend of `sharing¨

Booyoung Group contributes to the native and foreign societies.
We support education facilities and welfare facilities all around the world to keep investing on variety of
social areas to do what we should do as a part of the society.

Main domestic social contributions

Status of domestic social contribution

Category Status Number of cases
Education & Scholarship ElementaryMiddleHigh school facilities 93
University facilities 12
Education funds 64
Subtotal 169
Social welfare Donated 10 new buildingsDonated Youth Hope funds, etc. 37,024
Culture & Sports Donated to World Taekwondo Federation, etc. 150
Disaster aids Donated for Sewol ferry incident, etc. 9
Support for associations, etc Donated memorial statue for combatants of Korean War to the War Memorial Association, etc. 94
Total 37,446