Our entrepreneur mind and innovative management are
a creating of new future
21st Century¨s Global Company

The Booyoung Group is aiming to grow into a global company of the 21st century, challenging the status quo with a pioneering spirit and advanced management.

Dear our valued customers,
First and foremost, I would like to thank our customers for their continued support.
Since its foundation in 1983, the Booyoung Group has been one of the leading companies in the field of housing construction, providing comfortable and convenient apartments to live in and implementing its social responsibility to improve the lives of the customers.

After continued growth through stable and transparent management, the Booyoung Group is now firmly positioned as one of the largest construction companies in Korea. In return for its customers' support, the Booyoung Group has built large-scale Booyoung Apartment Complexes, under the brand name of "Sarangeuro (with love),"for about 270,000 households, helping them buy their own houses.

All members of the Booyoung Group are making sincere efforts to pay back their customers' unwavering support, by providing better quality and service. To give an example, the Booyoung Group is operating a "Sarangeuro" customer call center, which is the largest of its kind. Furthermore, the Booyoung Group sincerely implements its social responsibility to improve people's quality of life by way of providing global scholarship programs, and donating educational facilities and social welfare centers.

Dear our valued customers,

I believe that a company execute its function and responsibility by surviving and thriving under any circumstances. Just like riding a stable tricycle, the Booyoung Group will steadily grow step by step with a pioneering spirit and advanced management. The Booyoung Group will try to become an excellent company to realize Korea's construction dream of the 21 century.

Again, I anticipate your continued support so that the Booyoung Group could become a global leading company. The Booyoung Group will exert its utmost effort to best serve its customers by continuing to build sweet homes full of love, under brand name of "Sarangeuro."

Thank you.

Sincerely, Booyoung Group¨s executives & staff members

Company Outline

Founder/Owner Chairman Lee Joong Keun Date of incorporation March, 1983.
Total number of employees About 2,500 people Address Booyoung building, 42, Sejongdae-ro 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul city
Current affiliations
Domestic Affiliations Overseas Branch Nonprofit Corporation/Organization
Booyoung Co., Ltd, Dongkwang Housing Industry Co., Ltd, Dongkwang Housing Co., Ltd,
Gwang Young Construction Co., Ltd, Muju Deogyusan Resort Co., Ltd, etc.
Booyoung Vina, Booyoung Khmer, Booyoung Khmer II, Booyoung Khmer Bank, Booyoung Lao,
Booyoung Lao Bank, Booyoung America, Siem Reap Booyoung CC, etc.
Woojung Academy,
Woojung Education & Culture Foundation,